Create your great content for your event

Create your great content for your event

Go live at your event

When you get to the venue, when attendees arrive, when you start your activity, etc. A live broadcast can allow members who were unable to attend to participate in your event and create excitement in your community.

Attendees' impressions

Video for attendees and capture their impressions from your event “Ask them what they learned or enjoyed, which speaker inspired them the most (or according to the event), etc.

Share event predictions

People love predictions. Ask the main characters of the event to share their views on what’s coming.

Call to action

One of the biggest questions to consider at this point is: “Now that you’ve read my content, what do I want you to do next?” You have the reader’s attention; this is your chance to push them toward your intended goal. Your last point should always be a call to action. This may be: • Find out more here (link) • Buy tickets here (link) • Read more here (link) • Share, like, leave a comment • Confirm your presence here (link)

Sharing behind-the-scenes videos

Video images of how your team sets up or operates the event. This brings the audience closer to your team.

Share quotes from speakers

People have this desire to know good quotes. Post the best quotes from what was said at the event. These posts often get a lot of engagement.

Share your story

Share your personal challenges from organizing your own event or your team’s challenges in a blog. People always love true stories.

Thank you email and survey

you can show your guests appreciation by expressing thanks for their presence.


You can link to an online survey so you can collect customer feedback which is vital to know what went right and where there is room for improvement in your event planning. Try to communicate this as quickly as possible so that the event remains fresh in the minds of the attendees. Try to keep the questionnaire brief so that all attendees can complete it. You can create the survey in a format that measures customer satisfaction such as a rating from 1 to 10. You can use these questions How much did you enjoy the place? How did you find the organizers polite and friendly? How do you rate the importance of the speaker? How much did you enjoy the workshop? Would you recommend this event to others?

For those who missed the event

You can send an email saying “sorry we missed you” or “Sad not to see you” to those who didn’t show up to let them know that you still appreciate their presence and hope to see them next time.

Share related content

Keep guests engaged by sharing relevant content directly from the event, such as recorded speeches, awards, performances, and photographs.

Create a video montage

You sure got some great shots during the event, and the attendees probably got some too. Combine photos and videos posted during the event and turn it into a video montage. (don’t forget to tag anyone whose photo you use).

Be active on social media

To keep attendees engaged before and after the event, be sure to post relevant content across your social media platforms to keep memories of the event alive. By sharing the visual content on all social media channels, you are reminding your attendees of the fun they had. Some good examples on social media after the event are photos from the day of the guests and speakers.

Audience engagement

You can run a contest on social media to keep attendees engaged. It can be a competition for the best photo from the event. The winner can be the one who gets the most votes or likes and you can give him a prize, for example, a gift card or a discount for your services. Hosting a contest is a smart tactic because this incentivizes user-generated content, as attendees market your event for you.