Dynamic Ads

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Dynamic Ads


Imagine creating a campaign exclusively for each user who falls by the wayside

We create an algorithm for your campaigns to target your different target customers’ personas.

Through pixels, retargeting, and different ad copies to personalization according to the interests of each user.

Benefits of dynamic ads


You save infinite time for creation, optimization, and analysis.



No matter on which device the user has started the purchase process, he/she is re-engaged wherever he/she is.

Gain the trust of viewers

Dynamic ads help to create a personal touch with the viewers. They feel as if they are being provided with what a user is looking for. This, in turn, will help the brands to gain the loyalty of the viewers.

Flexibility To Experiment

Flexibility to experiment

This technology allows publishers and advertisers to introduce multiple variations in their creative and gives them space to experiment and test many ideas to come up with designs that provide the maximum response.

Maximize the relevancy of the ads displayed

The ability to generate dynamic ads will help the publishers and advertisers alike to create stunning ads that are relevant to each user and potent enough to excite a response.

Personalization (2)


Results are improved by offering specifically the product that interests each person.

dynamic advertising platform

Highly effective

By using a dynamic advertising platform, you can increase your marketing capabilities with a higher level of engagement.

Boost up the conversion rate

With a personalized approach in dealing with the customer’s dynamic ads can increase the Click-through rates (CTR) as well as the conversion rates to a high level than static ads.

Geo-targeting ability

This feature helps to create several hundred variations of the master creative and serve localized versions throughout the geography.

Easy to implement Dynamic creative optimization (DCO)

Dynamic ads provide users the flexibility to use high-end technologies like DCO to optimize their ads in real-time.