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Execute your event in the most creative way, we will help you imagine and design your venue perfectly to create a memorable experience for your guests and attendees. We will help you to manage your event smoothly starting from venue choosing, the theme of your event, special production, light, sound, video, and photography We are experts in driving outstanding memories and connecting the right talents to fill the attendee's experience.

In-person event experiences for top, global brands

We offer full services for advertising and marketing in Egypt and MENA. Creative Solutions is a leading Egyptian event management company that specializes in designing, producing, and managing professional events.

In-person event experiences for top, global brands
How we will help you create a remarkable event

How we will help you create a remarkable event?

A great event planning brief helps your production team understand objectives, the environment you will be working in, the desired experience and journey of attendees, and the overall look and feel. It will also help you to build up your run sheet and avoid any mistakes on the big day. An event production brief should challenge a production team to create an amazing event experience. It's what you'll be referring to as you begin work on the project, so it's important to be thorough.

What are our specialties?

Event management, Conferences, Corporate event planning, Fashion shows, Concerts Decoration, Entertainment, and Catering.

What are our specialties



Video production


Team building

Sports events

Product launches

Drone shows

Live events



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