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Digital Ads campaigns

Empowered with knowledge, for kicking business results!

You can choose between various options that serve company needs, and reach out the right audience, no matter how big or small your business is.

Right Place… Right time! That’s the power we give to you at Creative Solutions

We provide you straight forward pricing and packages among our digital partners

  • Facebook Marketing Solutions 
  • Instagram marketing solutions 
  • Google Display Network 
  • Google search engine ads “AdWords” 
  • YouTube advertising solutions 
  • LinkedIn Marketing Solutions 
  • Tiktok advertising 
  • Snapchat advertising solutions 
  • TripAdvisor 
  • Special Websites upon your request 
  • Email marketing solutions 
  • Apps marketing solutions

SMS Solutions

We provide you real connectivity with your customers, with multiple SMS unified solutions to exceed engagement and brand loyalty.

Explore options below 

  • Bulk SMS 
      • Starting from 5000 SMS
  • Advertising SMS
      • You can target invoices segment, gender, age, and different mobile operator.
  • LBA solution 
      • Location-based advertising targets mobile users within a certain geographic area & time 
  • Please Call me 
      • Attach your message to the mobile operator with different reminder messages. 
  • SMS chat
    • Message customers chat like friends 
    • As a complement to your exciting app and website. It consulate communication of your customer and reduces costs for your business by eliminating the need for call centers, direct email, email, and SMS. 

Radio Campaign

Make some noise in the air, and reach your ideal customer. Starting from creative production,storyboard, voice-over, campaign planning, and publishing on different Radio channels with the most optimized budget.

  • Creative storyboard to make your ad difference 
  • Voice over & music to bring it to life. 
  • Choose your channel with customized packages to get the most optimization from your budget 
  • Broadcasting your ad, and let’s make it on air and get noticed.

Digital Signage (screens)

In-door & Outdoor digital screen solutions

Your screen can do more!

To generate more sales, display promotions, engage employees, promote products, increase productivity, improve operations and build connections.

Unlock your screen potential with outdoor and indoor solutions

  • Digital signage solutions
  • Display HD screens
  • Digital signage content management system (CMS)
  • Digital media player
  • Content (Videos, graphics, web feeds, and more)
  • Network (LAN & WAN)
  • Analytics software


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